Welcome to the TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS for EDUCATION (TSE) Grant from Card Programs International.

We are Social Enterprise committed to improving the employability outcomes of African students through technology. We are on a mission to convert all University ID Cards to multi-purpose ID cards in order to digitally empower the next generation of graduates. We bring together multiple stakeholders to provide the tools, expertise and grants to meet our mission objectives. We are supported by the University of Cambridge Social Ventures Programme in our endeavour to prepare students to compete globally and to help students build good relationships with money.


The Digital Divide – the gap between developed and developing countries continues to widen as digital products and services transform the world. The majority of African university students today primarily use cash for daily transactions, which limits their ability to save, spend digitally and conceptualise digital business models that are cashless. This puts them at an unfair disadvantage to their foreign counterparts and limits their ability to compete for jobs against other graduates globally.


We strongly believe that African students need to be equipped with the digital tools and digital means to pay, necessary to compete effectively in the global job market. This is why we are on a mission to convert all University ID cards to multi-purpose ID and payment cards in order to empower students to make digitally enabled choices whilst on campus which prepares them for life after university. We will work with Universities to review their existing Digital Infrastructure Projects and where required, we assist the university to scope out new Digital Infrastructure Projects that impact the student's experience. In addition to this, we provide other complimentary academic digital resources to increase their knowledge about managing money. A digitally empowered student of today, will become a digitally empowered citizen of tomorrow's society.


The TSE Grant is a subsidy grant offered to qualifying institutions of higher learning who are looking to improve the students' learning experiences by improving their digital footprint. The grant finances the gap in funding for digital infrastructure projects. Qualifying digital projects may be greenfield projects or project upgrades and must include a MANDATORY ID Card upgrade. Optionally it may include:

- Access Control for students or staff services

- Library management system

- Distance Online Learning

- Campus Transportation


We are serious about delivering technology, education, finance and financial literacy for tomorrow's leaders and therefore we have created FREE online financial literacy tools that accompany all of our projects. This is set up for all students of qualifying institutions. Our aim is to use technology to improve the quality of higher education in Africa to provide better outcomes for the next 1 million+ African graduates.


The application process starts with completing our a Digital Project Questionnaire and Grant Application Form. You can do so by clicking the "APPLY NOW - START APPLICATION"  button below.

Once submitted and received by our grant team, we will confirm receipt of your application and may contact you if we require additional information. If your project is selected to progress onto the next stage, we will notify you and at the next discussion, determine if the project qualifies for a grant. If you receive confirmation that your project qualifies and you can show evidence of substantial support from the University, and there is a funding gap, the subsidy grant will kick in automatically. Strong grant applicants will demonstrate how the proposed digital project meets a significant unmet need in their institution. For further information, please contact


Start your application today. The application period opens from Monday 5th August 2019 and continues until Dec 31st 2019. Grants are issued on a rolling basis so early application is advised. 




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