Juno Forex Bureaux is now well into their second year of selling forex onto GlobalTravelWallet cards. They have seen a growth in customer demand who do not want to travel with large sums of money and would prefer to carry their travel money on a card that has loads of benefits associated with it. A Quick Recap on his introductory message to other members of the Ghana Association of Forex Bureaux in 2013.


My Fellow Foreign Exchange Bureaux Owners,
It is with pleasure that I congratulate you and welcome you on board the Visa GlobalTravelWallet Card program which has been customised for Foreign Exchange Bureaux in Ghana.

This process started in 2011, having partnered with Card Programs International (CPI), a Visa recognised global program manager with international repute, and owner of the GlobalTravelWallet brand - a travel program for Travellers.

CPI spent time understanding our processes and market peculiarities and designed a bespoke Agent solution for us. They engaged Bank of Ghana and worked with Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited to deliver a unique world class Visa GlobalTravelWallet Prepaid Card aimed at outbound travellers from Ghana.

CPI is investing a huge amount of time and resources (including substantial monetary amounts) in training, marketing and incentive management for this program in order to ensure an unrivalled service to cardholders as well as repeat business to Foreign Exchange Bureaux.

The Visa GlobalTravelWallet program is a safe and secure way for Ghanaians to carry their foreign exchange when travelling. More importantly, the product complies with the Bank of Ghana regulations and cashlite initiative, and is underpinned by the Visa Global Platform. The program also delivers additional revenue sources for participating foreign exchange bureaux, in addition to our existing business margins.

The ability of foreign exchange bureaux to sell foreign exchange to customers via a medium that assures the safety and security of the funds so that it may be withdrawn globally from an ATM or made available at the Point of Sale (PoS), is a very welcome development.

The Visa GlobalTravelWallet program delivers a rich platform of new electronic payment, open commerce services, financial inclusion and cardholder benefits that provide customers with the flexibility to transact in whatever way they choose. The association aims to work exclusively with CPI to achieve a single harmonised and standardised system across all foreign exchange bureaux across the country.

This is a very important step towards a new future in payments, backed by one of the world's most trusted brands, Visa.
I feel very honoured as the President of the Ghana Association of Foreign Exchange Bureaux (GAFORB) to endorse this product and encourage you to enrol, thereby joining us as we continue to enhance the image of foreign exchange bureaux operations in Ghana and beyond.

Congratulations once again!


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