About the card

What is a Visa GlobalTravelWallet™ Card?

A VISA GlobalTravelWallet™ card is a prepaid card that helps you travel with your money in a safe, secure and convenient way. The card is bundled with cardholder discounts and benefits that would make your trip more enjoyable. You can load the Card and use it to withdraw cash at any ATM that displays the Visa Acceptance Logo, anywhere in the world and pay at any merchants accepting VISA Cards. The card is available from our partner Bank Branches and Agents in your country. Click on Reload your card for a list of locations where you can obtain a card or load your card.

The Card also comes GlobalRewards and discounts on hotel, restaurants, spas, entertainment and travel.

Supported by a global team of travel experts via our 24/7 Online support Service, You can expect world class service round the clock, regardless of what time zone you are travelling in!

Do I get SMS Transaction Notifications?

Yes. You will receive FREE SMS notifications for every transaction done on your card. Please ensure you give your correct mobile number when completing your application. Remember you can always update your contact details online. When travelling, you will need to keep your phone on, to receive the SMS notifications. You will also receive email notifications so please ensure your email address is correct. You can opt for which type of notification you would preferwhen you login into your account online.

What currency can I load on my card?

The Visa GlobalTravelWallet is available in many currencies, depending on which country it was issued in. The currency of your card will be listed in your account page and you can confirm this from the issuing bank or agent. Some loading stations can accept foreign currency and convert it to the currency of your card and then load it onto your card. Check with the loading station whether they are able to do this. Please check your Email/SMS notification to confirm the exact currency value that has been loaded onto your card before leaving the loading station.

What are the card fees?

Please refer to the fees and limits section of this website. Rest assured our fees are competitive, and our ultra-low fees are some of the lowest fees for prepaid cards in Africa.

Our cardholders are entitled to discounts and priviledges that if converted to cash, are worth more than the fees paid for transactions, leaving our cardholders "net" positive.

This makes the cardholder retention ratio on our program the highest of its kind in the world! 

Using your card

Can I select my own PIN?

You can change your PIN online or at an issuing Bank ATM. You are encouraged to change your PIN from the
default PIN that is issued with the Card. Change your PIN at any issuing bank ATM or by clicking on
CARDHOLDER LOGIN at the top of this webpage and logging into your account. Once your PIN is changed, a notification will be sent to your phone and/or Email to confirm your PIN change (depending on your notification preference).

What if I forget my ATM PIN?

You can request a new PIN if you forget your PIN. Call our 24-hour Customer Care and request a new one or request a new PIN online via the cardholder login section of the website. The new PIN will be automatically generated and sent via SMS to the registered mobile phone number used to register the card. Notifications can also be sent to the registered email address on that card account.

Is my card secure?

Your VISA GlobalTravelWallet™ card comes with advanced security features. You will be issued an ATM/POS PIN for your transactions. To withdraw cash from all bank ATMs you need an ATM PIN. You should remember your four-digit PIN and destroy the PIN TAB once you have changed your PIN. Do not write the four-digit PIN on your Card. The Card will be blocked after 3 unsuccessful PIN attempts.

My Card is Declined! What can I do?

Please cross check that the Merchant accepts Visa Cards. Ask the merchant to ensure that he/she has swiped your Card on a Card terminal or inserted it in a Chip and PIN Card Terminal. If the Card is still declined, go to the nearest ATM to check your available balance. If balance (above the amount your card was declined for) is available on your Card, you can withdraw the cash from the ATM and settle it with the merchant. Report the matter to our 24-hour Customer Service (Details on the back of the card) or click "chat now" at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Getting the Card

How can I get a card?

You can apply for your Visa GlobalTravelWallet card ONLINE (See "Get a card"). In some countries, you can apply INFLIGHT or via our Bank Partners, Airline Partners or Agents.

You may be asked to present a VALID government issued ID (International Passport) to activate your card for payment.

How do I activate my card?

You can activate your card by presenting your government issued ID (International Passport) at any participating Bank, Partner or Agent office and making a cash load onto the card.


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