Card Purchase Fee:                 FREE

Card Activation Fee:                RWF9,500

Load Fee:                               FREE - Lowest load fee for a Travel Prepaid card in Africa!

Reload Fee:                            FREE - Lowest Reload fee for a Travel Prepaid card in Africa!

Card to Card Transfer:             2%

PIN Reset Fee:                        RWF700

ATM Fee per withdrawal(Ecobank ATMs within Rwanda): 250 RWF

ATM Fee per withdrawal(within Rwanda): 1400 RWF

ATM Fee per withdrawal(outside Rwanda): 2.5% + 2500RWF

POS/Online Purchase(within Rwanda): FREE

POS/Online Purchase(outside Rwanda): 2% + 700RWF - Ultra Low POS/Online Fee to encourage Cashless purchasing

Monthly Inactivity Fee*: RWF700

Quarterly Account Maintenance Fee: FREE (for the 1st year)



Maximum ATM Withdrawal per transaction:     $500

Maximum ATM Withdrawal - 24 hours:            $2,000

Maximum load allowed per month:                 $10,000

Maximum balance allowed :                           $10,000

***Please note that Declines can be as a result of insufficient funds or exceeding withdrawal limits specified below. If your transaction is declined, please contact card services. Some ATM Operators may charge a withdrawal fee or set their own withdrawal limits

**Please refer to clause 7 of the terms and conditions

*(debited from your card if it has not been used for 1 month. You can avoid this fee by simply doing one transaction a month! Such Fee will be waived if your card has a zero balance or if there is no remaining balance following the debit of the monthly inactivity fee (if the balance is less than the fee).

Merchant transactions and ATM withdrawals in a currency other than the currency of the card will be exchanged to the currency of the card at an exchange rate determined by Visa on the date the transaction is processed, increased by 3%.

Visa GlobalTravelWallet (in Rwanda) is issued by Ecobank Rwanda Limited pursuant to license by Visa International. Visa and the Visa Brand Mark are registered trademarks of Visa International. GlobalTravelWallet is a registered trademark of Card Programs International.

If after purchasing the card, you decide not to accept the Terms and Conditions, you must contact Card Services and not use the card.




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